All of our team have worked hard to become the best in our field.

We are all time served Carpenters/ Joiners and have worked on many prestigious projects both commercial and domestic.


After learning our trade in both bespoke joinery shops and on site we had the opportunity to work alongside one of the worlds most exclusive furniture companies installing high end kitchens, studies and bedrooms in the countries finest and some of the most exclusive properties. This gave us a passion and eye for detail which is second to none and when the opportunity came along for us to open a joinery shop in Spain making items such as one off pieces of furniture and walnut studies we jumped at the chance. 



After several years we relocated back to the UK to continue our journey to work in such properties as Lunllenden Manor (Winston Churchills home) and Chichester Cathedral to name but a few. Always keeping an eye on modern trends we saw that traditional building methods were changing. The need and importance for more efficient and carbon neutral property construction was becoming paramount due to things like rising energy prices. Combining our experience in carpentry and the demand for sustainable and energy efficient homes, Passive House Design, technology and construction this was the perfect next step for us to specialise in. 

Yourhaus, Your Future.